IIDA SoCal 2016 Annual Board Meeting


IIDA Southern California held it’s Annual Board Meeting on Saturday July 16th. The Executive Board of Directors welcomed, Local Board members, Event Co-Chairs and members of the public. The meeting was held at the beautiful Momentum Textiles showroom in Irvine and the agenda included a recap of the past year’s highlights and goal-setting for the coming Board term.


Outgoing President, Robyn Taylor, announced that Southern California won the 2015 IIDA Chapter of the Year. This prestigious award recognizes a Chapter, from across North America and abroad, that sets a stellar example for the organization, advancing and enhancing the profession of Interior Design through excellent programs, increased membership, quality publications, and graphics.


Courtney Karlin, Board Member of the Year and Robyn Taylor, Past President

Thank you to all the sponsors, members, volunteers and event attendees who made this year great for IIDA Southern California!


Stephanie Heiple, President-Elect; Carlos Posada, President; and Robyn Taylor, Past President

Incoming President, Carlos Posada is pleased to present the 2016 – 2017 Board of Directors:

Carlos Posada, IIDA, LEED AP, President
Robyn Taylor, IIDA, CID, Past President
Stephanie Heiple, IIDA, LEED AP, BD + C, EDAC, President-Elect
Christine Peter, Ind. IIDA, VP Advocacy
Susan Coddington, IIDA, CID, LEED AP, VP Advocacy
Hana Dorani, Ind. IIDA, VP City Centers
Stephanie Bachman, Assoc. IIDA, VP City Centers
Tanya Villalpando, Assoc. IIDA, VP City Centers
Adam Simmons, Ind. IIDA, VP Communications
Elise Ozawa, Ind. IIDA, VP Communications
Amanda Kaleps, Assoc. IIDA, VP Membership
Cara MacArthur, IIDA, VP Membership
Natalie Zweig, Assoc. IIDA, LEED AP ID+C, VP Professional Development
Nancy Kind, IIDA, VP Professional Development
Billy Hallisky, Assoc. IIDA, VP Professional Devlopment
Edgardo Caceres, IIDA, RDI, VP Student Affairs
Jessica Collins, IIDA, LEED GA, VP Student Affairs
Lauren Thompson, Ind. IIDA, VP Sponsorship
Hilary Luckenbaugh, Affil. IIDA, VP of Sponsorship

Kelsey Myatt, Ind. IIDA, Director Chapter Events
Debra Haas, Ind. IIDA, Director, Chapter Events
Aram Arakelian, Affil. IIDA, Regional Student Affairs Director

Bruce Morman, IIDA, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Los Angeles City Center Director
Anne Murrell, Ind. IIDA, Orange County City Center Director
Courtney Karlin, Ind. IIDA, San Diego City Center Director
Bethany Carlson, Assoc. IIDA, San Diego City Center Director
Jennifer Conklin, Ind. IIDA, Inland Empire City Center Director
Samantha Eklund, Inland Empire City Center Director

Thank you to Momentum and Haworth for sponsoring the meeting!

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