Inland Empire’s QVC Design Tour Recap


IIDA Inland Empire members toured QVC, designed by QVC Internal Design Team and RGA, on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, with more than 40 guests in attendance. Prior to the tour, Elizabeth Gonzalez and Vita Lagoda from IOS, along with Patrice Brown, Senior Communications Partner at QVC, spoke about the design intent and answered questions. IOS partnered with RGA and QVC, to create a stunning 1.2 million square foot distribution center and office space. Furnishings included selections from Haworth, KI and Global.

Millions of people shop QVC every day for apparel, cosmetics, and home goods. QVC, short for quality, value and convenience, offers a highly engaging, highly differentiated shopping experience that attracts their customers with relevant products and authentic story telling. The new space in Ontario engages employees in a modern, light filled LEED Gold Certified building. A 250kV solar farm occupies space on the rooftop, and the building features 840 skylights. The state of the art distribution center features 3 miles of conveyor system and sorting systems that can ship 150 units per minute. The facility opened on August 29, 2016 and shipped its first order 2 days later.

The floor plan features several collaborative work areas, as well as casual gathering areas for employees. According to QVC, their new space embodies their company’s culture. The space is welcoming and innovative, housing 349 employees currently with plans to expand to 1100 employees within a few years.

Thank you to Patrice Brown at QVC for hosting IIDA Inland Empire for hosting us at this inspiring facility, and IOS and Haworth for providing drinks and snacks for the tour.

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