Insights from the Designing for Neurodiversity Event

Thank you to everyone who attended our insightful EDI event ‘Designing for Neurodiversity’ on April 25th in honor of Neurodiversity Awareness Month.

It was an absolute pleasure to have Kati Peditto (@‌pedittophd), PhD, EDAC, WELL AP join us from @‌perkinswill to set the stage for the panel discussion. She was then joined by Aliza Goldsmith, NCIDQ, LEED, ASID | @‌hok_losangeles and Kristen Mays, MBA | @‌environmentalcontracting who also gave their thoughts on the topic, from different viewpoints. One as a designer and one as a mother.

The focus on universal design principles, such as optimizing light, sound, temperature, colors, biophilia, and wayfinding, is crucial for creating inclusive spaces that benefit everyone. Moreover, raising awareness about neurodiversity is essential for fostering a more empathetic and inclusive design approach.

Click here for more photos!

Thanks to Kimball for hosting us in their beautiful showroom. Thanks also to Christine Peter and Tina Giorgadze for putting this special event together!

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