It Is On – Haunt Couture 2021!

It is On! IIDA Haunt Couture 2021 is happening this year, back at the Avalon on Thursday, October 28th. We’ve made changes to bring down the high bar of time and resources required for firms to participate, as well as some other changes in response to Covid, which has influenced working styles and in-person working limitations. These changes are both to the format of Haunt – now a “Project Runway” style event – and to the team composition – professional teams now have the option to add student team members to complete their team. Both changes will make it easier for all firms – large and small- to participate. Please reach out to Simone Linn, LIGHT, [email protected], to be sent a formal Haunt Couture Teams package and ask any questions about putting together a team to participate in Haunt Couture 2021.

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