Cedar House – Volunteer Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers Needed

Chapter Wide 02.09.22

Cedar House – Volunteer Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers Needed

Seeking help from an architect, an engineer, and an interior designer.

Cedar House is a non-profit alcohol and drug facility, located in Bloomington, CA, and has been in business since 1973. We are seeking specific volunteer positions for a larger community project. These volunteers would supervise/mentor several interior design/architectural students.

Specific positions, applicable credentials are necessary:

  • An Interior designer (registered in California)
  • An Architect
  • An Engineer: civil or structural

Their role would be to meet with the student/s (likely will be one):

  • Virtually (students are in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, so no face-to-face or travel)
  • 2 X month
  • For approximately 2 hours
  • Answer occasional questions if something should arise

Please visit www.cedarhouse.org for more information. 

Any questions you can contact Jamie Lamb, CEO at (909) 421-7120 Ext. 112. [email protected] or her Assistant Michele Shutters at Ext. 143. [email protected]

Below is additional background on our project.

We have a dream….we have the land… so we need to start somewhere in bringing our vision to pass.

Cedar House Village will be a complete ‘community’ designed to help those who struggle with substance use and co-occurring disorders re-enter the community, having been girded up and on solid footing following treatment, thereby significantly reducing the potential for relapse!   There is much to share, but for now…The first part of moving this vision forward is to develop a picture of our Cedar House Village concept.

We currently have several interior design/architectural students interested in helping us to develop our first draft renderings as part of their 180-hour internship, which is fantastic!  This will allow us to share our vision and gain the support of others who want to be a part.  The catch is  – for their time to qualify as an internship, a specialist in this industry must supervise them. We can be somewhat flexible when we start, but the sooner, the better!  Thank you for your consideration and support!

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