Kelly Capp – 6 Things I Can't Live Without

Kelly Capp, Associate IIDA, AECOM

#1 Good Design
Being a designer, I can’t help but notice every day a variety of design details. I see it everywhere I go, from the tongue and groove wood ceiling of the restaurant I am eating in to the speedometer in my mini cooper. I love that I notice such things and that they bring me joy….

#2 My Phone
It pains me to admit how reliant I am on my cell phone. It keeps me connected to my family, the goings on at work, the internet at large and even design resources through various apps.

#3 Big City Life
I went to high school on Catalina Island, and had a bit of cabin fever as a result. I love the variety of people and things to do that Los Angeles has to offer.

#4 Vibrant Colors
I went to architecture school which focused greatly on the form and function of a building. Many of my designs as a result lacked any color as the focus of my work was on the clarity of the form of a space. Having segued into Interiors, I now love to embrace a variety of colors as much as possible and find that my designs have a much more playful tone than they have in the past.

#5 Interior Design Community
I love what I do and I am so lucky to be surrounded by other incredible designers and furniture representatives. We really have a great local community of talented and truly wonderful people.

#6 My Sebastian
I saved the best for last……I certainly cannot imagine my life without by 4 month old son. I fell fast and I fell hard!

Kelly Capp has more than 10 years of design and management experience in the architectural and interior design industries.  Her passion for design is evident and she is skilled in creative problem solving for clients and is well versed in workplace strategies for corporate commercial interior projects. Due to her deep knowledge of the design process, Kelly is influential in every phase of a project— from concept through completion. Prior to joining AECOM, Kelly was the Project Manager for Studios Architecture where she was responsible for all of the firm’s China-based projects.  In addition to teaching architecture and environmental design, Kelly’s background includes experience in all levels of the design and construction process. Kelly currently serves as Vice President of Communications for the IIDA Southern California Board of Directors. Raised in Southern California and Texas, she graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Architecture. Kelly currently resides in Santa Monica, California.

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