LA City Center Going Strong in 2012!

2012 is looking to be a busy and exciting year for the Los Angeles City Center!

On February 15th we resume our fantastic Speaker Series with Liesbet Trappenberg. This session’s topic “From Crisis To Opportunity: How To Attract Your Ideal Client or Job” is not only timely but also relevant and should not be missed!

We will also be holding an open City Center Committee meeting Feb 8th during which we will be planning all of the year’s upcoming events; Sample Swap, Artwalk, Student Exhibition, Haunt and more! We are in need of more volunteers to keep up the momentum of last year’s  fantastic, hardworking City Center committee members; Alexis Dennis (Gensler), Constance Foster (Inscape Solutions), Ed Melgar (Wirt), Hana Dorani (Sidemark), Kam Kamran (JLL), Kaylee Moroski (Herman Miller), Karina Silva (Wolcott), Kelsey Sebastian (Teknion), Lindsey Sage (Tangram Studios), Michelle Marotta (Cuningham Group), Nicole Smith (Gensler), Niki Valdes (Arcadia Contract), Pam Neiman (Neiman Studios), Sarah Glass (System Source) and Tiffany Fairbrother (System Source).

If the above reasons aren’t enough to get you interested in joining City Center here are a few more reasons from City Center volunteer Tiffany Fairbrother, a designer at System Source!

1. Be a part of and lead a tightly knit team of talented, intelligent people who are passionate about the Design Industry.

2. Gain knowledge and experience with event management and planning.

3. Gain industry wide exposure and recognition.

4. Make new friends, connections and relationships.

5. To have FUN!

Please contact City Center Director’s Kathleen Selke [email protected] or Darcy Royalty [email protected] with questions or to join City Center!

Kathleen Selke,  Industry IIDA
Geiger International

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