LA City Center’s Roger TV Design Tour

On September 15th, the LA City Center held a design tour of Roger TV, led by the designers from CHA: Collective.  Roger TV was the 2022 Calibre Design Award winner for the “Work Small” category.

They took occupancy in what was a 5,000 sf garment manufacturing warehouse in the Silver Lake area. Architects CHA Collective transformed the space into an award-winning animation and motion graphics studio.

The renovation involved bringing the warehouse building up to code and inserting a mezzanine without affecting the major structure. Due to the building’s historical status, they could not change the facade of the building, which made it a challenge to bring in natural light to the upstairs offices. Their solution was to create an interior light shaft, which allowed the upstairs office windows to access light from the first floor.

The design centered creative uses around an area dubbed “The Pit”. Zones within the creative workplace include live shoot areas, meeting zones and work desks, private offices, editing suites, conference rooms, bathrooms and staff common areas for up to 40 people, including animators, creative directors, video editors, producers and staff.

The purpose of this event was to provide an opportunity for interior designers, industry partners and the design community to share best practice and innovation for a variety of design challenges. We would like to thank our event sponsor, Koroseal for providing the wonderful refreshments!

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