LA Haunt 2013 Recap

First Place - Gensler


The competition at LA Exchange on October 30th was fierce as twelve design teams competed for judge’s scores for IIDA’s Haunt Couture 2013:  “GRAND PRIZE – Come on Down!”  10 design teams and 2 student teams put their design skills and their top models on stage to the delight and thunderous applause from the audience of designers, students, vendors and contractors from the interior design community.

This year the Haunt Committee wanted to do something different from anything that was done before.  As the inspiration for the fashion creations, the teams were given iconic 20th Century product designs that were truly “game changers.”  These iconic products such as TV sets, sports cars and Swiss Army Knife that were showcased as the “Grand Prizes” on some of 20th Century’s most famous game shows. Co-Chairs Michelle Marotta and Sean Kim were the telegenic “Game Show Hosts” providing the narrative throughout the show.

Second Place - ZGF

As the Polaroid camera as their inspiration, Gensler was sponsored by Kimball Office and Bernhardt Textiles. The model came out all in black representing an old fashion camera with paparazzi on her heels. Shedding the black box and revealing a Technicolor Polaroid dress underneath, the model shimmied right into First Place with Gensler Principal, Rob Jernigan.

Third Place - SAA

The Second Place was claimed by ZGF showing that “(Girls) Run the World” sponsored by Arcadia Contract and Unika Vaev. The model shrouded in black was escorted down the runway flanked by female Swiss Army Guards. The model dropped the shroud to reveal a red leather train, black shorts and thigh high boots showing that women can be strong and powerful.

A very close Third Place won by SAA’s runway performance was inspired by an Airstream trailer, sponsored by Knoll Office and Knoll Textiles. The model enchanted the audience in a silver robe with silver stud detail and a large chiffon collar framing a doll face in a mysterious Chinese Opera make up that transformed into a strong masculine stoic bearded Chinese armored warrior.

The Honorable Mention was won by HOK for their great team dynamic, always meeting their deadlines, and dedication that went above and beyond and deserved a special recognition.

The panel of celebrity judges included Luis Camacho, Madonna’s choreographer and original dancer of “Vogue”; Eric Patrick, comedian and star of “Real World New Orleans”; Alex Purcell, LA based interdisciplinary designer; Lindsey Nolan, celebrity stylist; Onelia Estudillo, CEO of LA Conspiracy; Mark Saffell, Venice based furniture designer of 5D Studio; and Susanne Mackintosh, MTV producer and jewelry designer for “The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.”

A special thank you goes to the event cater Food Fair by Diego, Craft Brew Alliance (Widmer, Kona, o mission and Redhook) Pulp Studio for providing custom designed trophies, and to all of our volunteers. Haunt Couture could not have been possible without the generous support of all of our Chapter Sponsors, event sponsors, and team and fabric sponsors!

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