Haunt Couture! The Annual Extravaganza That Fuses Fashion and Design!


Haunt Couture! The annual extravaganza that fuses fashion and design!

On Thursday, October 24th at the Avalon Hollywood, IIDA LA will host a spectacular evening of cocktails, dancing, networking, and THE SHOW.

Leading Los Angeles design firms and student teams will compete with all the pageantry of a couture runway.

Do you want in?

IIDA Los Angeles has amazing opportunities.  Benefit from participating as a sponsor or team.  Be a part of the experience!  

How, you may ask?

Sponsorship!  As a sponsor, you will support a design team in their couture creativity.  You’ll also have the privilege of having your firm’s name and logo part of, and featured prominently, during the event.

Teams!  As a team, you will be tasked with producing a stunning, beautifully-crafted, prêt-à-porter fashion collection for the runway.   Show off your fabrication and tailoring skills and demonstrate an  attention to detail tantamount to haute couture. 

Don’t be haunted by regret.  The deadline for teams and sponsorship is Friday, July 26th.

Want in?

For more information on sponsorship, click HERE or contact Karlee Budge at  [email protected].

For more information on teams, click HERE or contact Simone Linn at  [email protected].

In addition to the above, we offer opportunities to volunteer to experience the show behind the scenes.  For more information, contact Helena Zann at [email protected].

More information is available on the event page here.

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