LA Haunt Couture is only a month away!


Haunt Couture is only a month away!  Do you have your tickets yet?!?  

Click here to purchase tickets today!

Don’t miss out on the biggest party of the year and see  how the design teams bring their floral designs to life.  This year we will be featuring the following teams and design inspiration:

Corgan – Bird of Paradise
Cunningham Group – Purple Cornflower
GKK Works – Hemlock
HKS  – Stinking Nightshade
HLW – Poppy Anemone
HOK – Milk Thistle
Perkins & Will – Foxglove
Smith Group JJR – Poppies
Unispace – Angels Trumpet
Ware Malcomb –  Alcea Rosea
Wolcott – Morning Glory
College of the Canyons – Iris
CSU Northridge – Violet
CSU Long Beach – Arnica
Woodbury – Heliotrope

Buy your tickets today!

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