LACC Red Bull North America Design Tour


The LACC proudly presented a design tour of the Red Bull North America Headquarters in Santa Monica on August 18th, hosted by Galia Mizrahi, Dir. of RE and Facility Services to a 90 person sell-out crowd. Patina supplied the scrumptious, artfully arranged appetizers while we mingled in the spacious Red Bull employee indoor cafe and outdoor patio, sipping beverages including cocktails made from various Red Bull flavors mixed with Vodka! Guests were welcomed by Bruce Morman, LA City Center Director, then Galia gave an informative presentation including a time-lapse video shot from demolition to project completion. Their 1630 Stewart building won the LABJ Gold Award for best TI Project 2015/2016 and the LA Business Council 2016 Architectural Award for Best Interiors.


We divided into 3 groups to tour the 1630 Stewart space and then continued to visit their newest campus addition at 2700 Pennsylvania. The tours were led by Galia Mizrahi, Amanda Kaleps, Nicolle Rossetti, Luis Garcia, Sonny Scott, Kersten Barr and Scott Johnson; group leaders were assisted by Kathie Palomino, Charlotte Cantillon and Marcy Paterik. Thank you to Alvin Oei, Sheila Shenasi and Hana Dorani for support before and during the event.

It was fun to see the iconic Red Bull sports and event culture. They thoughtfully placed GP Motorcycles, helmets, and larger than life murals and graffiti art installations throughout their facilities. Red Bull culture found its way into the kitchens and pantries with delightful installations of wall tile made of recycled skateboards! We were invited to shop in the company store open only to employees at the end of the evening.


Kudos to the architecture (1630 Stewart) and design teams at Wolcott; to the team at Gensler, architect for the 2700 Penn building; and the project teams at Systems Source and Howard Building Co. Our thanks also to Galia Mizrahi and her team at Red Bull North America for hosting, and providing valet parking and custodial staff for the evening.

The event was so successful that we welcomed 15 more people that our original limit of 75. It was also a resounding financial success for the LA City Center!

Everyone enjoyed seeing the iconic, popular symbols of Red Bull North America including their car, but what intrigued me most was the Red Bull space suit!

The furnishings throughout both buildings was both beautiful and functional, creating workspaces that invite collaboration as well as individual effort. It isn’t often that we collectively get the opportunity to tour the facilities of world-class, world famous companies. This tour was an event to remember!

See more photos of the event here! Special thanks to our event sponsors: ARC Engineering, HBC, Interface, Knoll and Systems Source.

Susan Zale, Assoc. IIDA
United Interiors

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