License 2 Design

Heard about License 2 Design but not sure what it is? We’ll be bringing you information weekly, highlighting the issues associated with Interior Design Licensing. To start us off, we’re defining what the L2D campaign is.

What is License 2 Design?
L2D is an awareness campaign advocating voluntary licensure for California Interior designers that work in code-regulated environments.

Why is licensure important for California Interior Designers?
Currently California interior designers are excluded from practicing in environments where building codes require drawings to be stamped by a registered professional. Voluntary licensure would allow interior designers to stamp and submit their own drawings.

Who benefits from voluntary licensure?
Everyone benefits! Voluntary licensure provides consumers with more choices. Licensed interior designers can practice independently in markets from which they are currently excluded. Unlicensed interior designers can practice as they do currently, with the opportunity to expand should they choose.

Check back with us next week to learn more about what is going on now.

Kelsey Myatt, Associate IIDA
VP Government & Regulatory Affairs, IIDA SoCal

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