Lina Bo Bardi: An Unorthodox Modernist

Lina Bo Bardi, an Italian born Brazilian architect, had a life long mission to meld the working and middle class through art and design. Arper’s own Andrew Floyd led us through a great CEU highlighting much of Lina Bo’s work. The first of which, Casa De Vidro, was not only a beautifully designed home nestled among nature, but also Lina’s own residence. 

Lina became the first director of MAM-BA, The Museum of Modern Art of Bahia and opened the SESC Pompeia in 1982. SESC was seen as an ongoing architectural project that combined her love for built projects and adaptive reuse. 

Perhaps the most notable of Lina’s creations: the bowl chair. Lina created the bowl chair at the age of 37. The bowl chair freed the user by allowing movement from all angles. Her timeless design can be described as versatile and forever young. 

This CEU brought in over 30 attendees from across the Southern California Chapter.

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