Meet a Member: Danielle Noss, Ind. IIDA

Danielle Noss, Ind. IIDA, Orange County City Center Co Director

Q: Where do you work? What is your role?
I work at Commercial Interior Resources (CIR), a flooring contractor, as the Director of Business Development.  

Q: Favorite part about your job?
That every day is a little bit different and I have the opportunity to work with so many different people across a variety of industries. I handle our social media, marketing and events and also work with Architects & Designers, End-Users and General Contractors on the flooring scope of their commercial projects. 

Q: How did you go from design school to this job role?
I actually attended UC Santa Barbara to pursue degrees in Communication and Psychology.  I began my career in online advertising in SF, but after 10 years I was ready for a change, so I moved down to OC and was connected to CIR by my sister-in-law who was working in CIR’s finance dept. They were in need of someone to handle Business Development and thought my background in marketing/advertising and client relations would align well.

Q: What is something you have been doing for yourself during the pandemic?
I’ve made it a point to be more active.  Whether that’s getting outside for a quick walk around my neighborhood, going on a jog or lifting weights.  It’s easy to get stuck inside, especially while working from home, so getting some fresh air and moving my body has definitely brightened my mood and increased my energy during these difficult times. 

Q: Favorite place in Orange County?
I love the beach, although I don’t go nearly as much as I’d like.  I am definitely going to frequent it more this year though.  I’m a big fan of sunshine and ocean breeze:)

Q: Favorite restaurant vibes in Orange County?
There are so many good ones!  But the first that comes to mind is Habana at Irvine Spectrum.  I’ve never been to Cuba, but I’ve heard Miami Beach decor is reminiscent of Cuba, which I have visited.  When I step into Habana, it instantly transports me to Miami with the art deco design and vibrant colors, like the bright turquoise and orange umbrellas, colored glassware, greenery surrounding the outdoor dining area, mixed with rustic pieces like the iron chandeliers and terra cotta tile.

Q: Go-to place to be inspired?
Nature is always inspiring, whether it’s being at the beach on a beautiful sunny day or up in the mountains of Big Bear, especially when it’s snowing and the pine trees are flocked with snow.

Q: Best memory from an IIDA event?
The Fashion Show is always my favorite.  I just can’t get over how talented this industry is…designers who are able to create a beautiful runway-worthy garment out of random commercial textiles within hours just blows my mind. 

Q: What is your favorite creative outlet?
Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m naturally the most creative person, but I will say that I really enjoy fashion.  Trying new trends or mixing different pieces in my wardrobe to create a new look definitely excites me. 

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