Meet Katie Toth!


Meet Katie Toth! She is our newest member for San Diego City Center Board as Co-Chair for “Pro-D” (Professional Development) and is a Designer at Delawie. Katie joined IIDA this year after learning about the NCIDQ study group that was organized by our Pro-D Co-Chairs.

“I have big shoes to fill after Nancy Kind stepped up to IIDA SoCal!” – Katie

Katie completed her undergraduate in Art with Emphasis in Interior Design from San Diego State University in 2008. Then went on to earn her master degree in Interior Design from Pratt University in New York. Since, she worked in Los Angeles and San Francisco and now back in San Diego. (Welcome back Katie!)

Katie shared how excited she is to be working at Delawie, her time there has opened up a whole new world of design for her. She previously worked mostly in residential projects and now is being exposed to mostly hospitality. “I’m having a lot of fun with it!” – Katie

A couple fun questions to get to know Katie better!

Q: What is your favorite iconic chair?
A: I tend to phase into and out of iconic pieces. Right now my top two are the Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair and the slightly lesser known Sigurd Ressell Falcon Chair. My favorite piece that I own is a vintage Eames fiberglass DAR rocking chair upholstered in Alexander Girad fabric.

Q: Beer or Wine?
A: Completely depends on the food! Are cocktails not an option?!

Q: What is your go to outfit?
A: Do designers have one go-to outfit? I suppose the obvious answer is black on black, with a really existing accessory. My current accessory of choice is a beautiful Japanese scarf I was recently given.

Q: Where can we find you on the weekend?
A: Long run in Balboa Park, Smoothies at Krakatoa, and spending time with my French bulldog, Louie

Q: Share 5 things you can’t live without
A: Traveling, lists, a good read, a long run & dancing.

Thank you for sharing with us more about you Katie! We look forward to having you as part of San Diego City Center Board ☺

Tanya Villalpando

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