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How do you stand out, rise above the noise, and get your organization’s voice heard online? Jonathan Perelman is the vice president of BuzzFeed motion pictures, which covers all moving content ranging from animated GIFs to a feature films. He leads business management, partnership development, and BuzzFeed’s branded video team. Before BuzzFeed, he spent more than six years at Google as the global lead for industry relations.

Perelman believes that “content is king but distribution is queen – and she wears the pants.” Pulling from his extensive experience at two of the world’s most successful and influential brands, he shows audiences how to tell their story in a genuine, authentic, and meaningful way that generates word of mouth marketing at internet scale. With great energy and stage presence, he breaks down the tactics and mindset that propelled Buzzfeed from a small blog to a cultural phenomenon read by millions of people the world over (including the President of the United States). Perelman not only addresses how to create shareable, social content but also offers insights into how to maximize its reach and impact. By respecting the platform you’re using (Twitter is about timelines, Facebook is about feelings) and creating content that appeals to emotion, he offers eight tips for creating content that people want to consume and share. Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, his presentations are visual, entertaining, and as memorable as BuzzFeed’s signature listicles.

Awards and Accolades. Perelman is renowned for his expertise. AdWeek named him one its 2014 “Top 50 Real Movers and Shakers Behind the World’s Top Brands” and one of its 2013 “Top 50 Executives Making the Wheels Turn.” The Internationalist magazine named him a “Trendsetter” in 2013, and Como listed him as one of the “Top 5 Behind The Scenes Tech Talent.” He also won Google’s 2011 OC Award, the second highest award given for “substantial contributions to company,” and 12 Peer Bonus Awards for excellence.

The Future of Digital Marketing. Perelman was previously BuzzFeed’s general manager of video and the vice president of agency strategy, where he played a central role in the company’s advertising efforts—which famously include no display ads and only carefully crafted sponsored content posts, serving as a model of successful consumer engagement for the world’s top brands.

Perelman is also a senior fellow at the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School and serves on many industry boards including Advertising Week (U.S. and Europe), Internet Week, and Ad:Tech. He advises several startups, and is a member of several international foreign policy think tanks. He’s also an investor in early stage tech and media companies as part of NextGen Angels NYC.

Prior to Google, Jonathan worked at the financial services firm, Unifund. He was also the deputy finance director on Cory Booker’s 2002 mayoral run in Newark, NJ and then a foreign policy advisory for his 2013 Senate campaign.

We are excited to introduce Jonathan Perelman as this year’s guest speaker. Don’t miss out on his inspiring talk on September 18th, buy your tickets for Leaders Breakfast here!

Jaclyn Giuliano, Ind. IIDA, LEED Green Associate
Herman Miller

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