Mohawk Group is the new Title Sponsor for IIDA SoCal

Lace it or Leave it & Beautiful Abandon from Mohawk Group

After all the memorable experiences I had working in the interior design world the past six years it felt natural to jump at the opportunity to work with IIDA and share some of my knowledge and experience with rest of the community. From a layperson’s perspective who sees the industry from the outside looking in commercial floor covering is not exactly the most glamorous. But then again, it isn’t supposed to be, flooring should help compliment other aspects of the interior design and reflect the mood a particular client is looking for. It’s amazing to continually see the impact flooring can make from a firsthand perspective. Glamour aside, flooring is literally the biggest thing in the room. A wisely chosen floor design can create a more vibrant culture or provide a calmer atmosphere. It all depends on the greater makeup of the interior design as a whole and the goals of the clients. As a rep for the Mohawk Group in Los Angeles this is where I feel I have excelled the most. Our three commercial brands, Karastan, Lees, and Bigelow create a perfect trio of flooring options for all markets and all price points. With such a large array of choices to offer clients we have the right product for any project.

Working with IIDA has been a great experience thus far. When I am out in the field I am constantly working side by side with the peerless design community to develop the best solution for a project. My role here has allowed me to further leverage that experience to both my clients as well as my colleagues. In 2012 Mohawk plans to gain more exposure and make a large impact in the community. As a title sponsor and member of the IIDA SoCal board my role is to help raise funds for the chapter and use my knowledge to ensure we grow stronger as a group. I look forward to organizing events and other networking opportunities for IIDA and I hope to be a valuable resource for its members and students.

Cameron Grimsley
Mohawk Group

Mohawk is a proud sponsor of IIDA Southern California.

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