On the Brink of Burnout? Reclaim your Creativity.


How do you define CREATIVITY? Is it innovation, originality, imagination?

What makes someone a “creative?” Is it innate or something learned? Is it a muscle we can build and stretch? Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love writes: “If you can just release yourself from the anxiety and burden that might be associated with the word ‘creativity,’ you’ll see, in fact, that you are an enormously creative person.”

If you’ve ever experienced that anxiety or burden Elizabeth refers to; Welcome. You’re in good company. These are symptoms of creativity’s adversary, BURNOUT. How do you know if you’re experiencing burnout? Are you creating it for yourself or is it a result of a lackluster workplace environment? Daniel Stover, with Ensight Partners will be leading us in a very real and honest conversation about creativity and burnout. He will introduce you to some old “friends,” some lies you’ve told yourself that contribute to said burnout. He will also reintroduce you to your creativity, explain how to nurture your that part of yourself, and help you say goodbye to those lies.

Join us for an engaging evening that will open your eyes and allow you leave just a little bit lighter and optimistic.

Inland Empire – September 25th

Orange County – October 2nd

Los Angeles – October 3rd

Los Angeles – October 10th

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