Once Upon A Time in San Diego

The long awaited video for the IIDA San Diego Haute Couture Fashion Show – Once Upon a Time has been released!!

Once Upon a time there was a kingdom far, far away where interior designers magically turned everyday building materials into garments suited for royalty. Join us on a journey to that far-off kingdom of Storybooks and Fairy Tales to delight in a spectacular showcase of these exquisite outfits.


Carrier Johnson – The BFG

We were wowed by design teams from Ware Malcomb, Solomon, ID Studios, Rutledge Haro, Smith Consulting, LPA, Delawie, ASID, Gensler, FS Design Group, ACRMA and FPBA, Hollander Design Group, Entente, Taylor and Miller, Carrier Johnson and Architects Hanna Gabriel Wells. And our student teams Art Institute, San Diego State University, Design Institute and Mesa College.


SDSU The Lion – The Witch and the Wardrobe

Each model brought the stage to life with their out of this world outfits and incredible performances. We won’t soon forget the beautiful performance from Cinderella or watching all 7 dwarves reveal themselves in one outfit. We watched in awe as the BFG took over the stage with her larger than life presence. Rapunzel’s intricate locks and the detail on The Queen of Hearts mesmerized us. Where the Wild Things are commanded the stage and The Witch of Narnia turned the entire room into a winter wonderland. We found ourselves lost at Hogwarts, enchanted in The Arabian Nights and at peace with the Truffula Tree. Little Red’s Wolf and Hansel and Gretel’s Evil Witch gave us quite a scare. Violet Beuregard’s amazing transformation blew us all away. We fell down the Rabbit’s Hole with Alice, followed the Yellow Brick Road and delighted in the childlike Madeline. We were taken Under The Sea and joined Miss Spider in a Giant Peach. Finally our students took us on a journey the jungle, the forest and illuminated the way to Neverland.

To say the crowd was in awe would be quite the understatement.

The evening’s Winners-

Best Haute Couture
Hollander Design Group – Where the Wild Things Are

Best Theme Inspiration
Delawie – Charlie and The Chocolate Factory


LPA – Rapunzel

Best Craftsmanship
LPA – Rapunzel

Best Showmanship
Ware Malcomb – Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

People’s Choice
Smith Consulting – Little Red Riding Hood

Courtney Kirian
THiNK Office Interiors

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