Orange County Fashion Show: Back to our Roots


IIDA_2009OCFS_ursulaThe most anticipated and attended event for many IIDA City Centers and Chapters nationwide is their Fashion Show, but did you know it was started by the Orange County City Center? It began as a competition between the top Design Firms to utilize materials from their own library and construct one-of-a-kind costumes the night of the show. The costumes were then showcased to the crowd and judges.

This event was so successful it quickly spread to City Center’s and Chapters nationwide. The Fashion Show continues to grow and evolve every year. Orange County evolved too, and five years ago changed its format to a “runway-style” fashion show where Design Firms constructed their costumes ahead of time, but the consensus has been to go back to the original format.


The people of Orange County spoke and IIDA listened.

The Orange County Fashion Show Committee is excited to announce the 2016 Fashion Show: Villains; Everybody loves a hero, but no one forgets a villain. Not only are we going back to our old format, but we are also going back to our original venue, The Harborside Pavilion at 400 Main Street, Newport Beach, CA located on the Balboa Peninsula. The Fashion Show will take place on Thursday, July 21st. The night is sure to be a memorable one as Orange County’s leading Design Firms compete in a “Project-runway” style show. Each team will select a Villain at the “Unveiling of the Villain” party on Thursday, June 23rd at the Vine, 5161 California Avenue, Irvine CA (Adjacent to LPA). This will be a year you don’t want to miss, so get your tickets fast before they sell out! For sponsorship opportunities and tickets visit our event page here.

Elise Ozawa, IIDA
Momentum Textiles

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