Orange County’s Icons of Rock


Orange County’s 2018 Haute Couture Fashion Show electrified the night with an ‘Icons of Rock’ theme, stage, and musical setting. The show struck a chord this year, one who’s harmonic tendrils reverberated far past the Orange County lines, touching the sweet ears of our Long Beach and Inland Empire neighbors. Fifteen participants from each of these three areas came together to choose an icon and battle it out on stage in a show of timeless fashion. Each set was uniquely mind-blowing but, as always, there can only be a few winners.

Here are the photos and video from the event.

Our Award-Winning Icons…


Student Team featuring Aretha Franklin: idi, sponsored by Lotte Advanced Materials


Third Place featuring Freddie Mercury: H Hendy & Associates, sponsored by Steelcase + Coalesse


Second Place featuring Michael Jackson: Robert Borders & Associates, sponsored by Patcraft + Prudential Lighting


First Place featuring Elton John: Little Diversified Architecture, sponsored by Pivot

A guitar-smashing THANK YOU to all coordinators, event sponsors, team sponsors, fabric sponsors, participants and attendees – you were a major piece in this production of a lifetime. We had over 400 screaming fans in attendance for this year’s show. Special thanks to the committee leaders: Anne Murrell, Chidimma Abuka, Kerry Menhaji, Lauren Thompson, Margot De Ramirez, Mary D’Avila, Whitney Hrubik, Sue Ewing, Tricia Mauller, and our co-chairs Bobby Trujillo, Erin Nulph and Taylor Montgomery.

We hope you enjoyed the show and the live-band, Satisfaction, that played this year! 

Thanks again to all who worked on, supported and attended OC’s Fashion Show this year – we will return to the stage in 2019 with a new theme and more fun!

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