Honoring Randy Stauffer at Leaders Breakfast 2012

Randy Stauffer

I’m thrilled again to be part of the Leaders Breakfast committee. Personally, this is one of my favorite IIDA events.  It’s short and sweet, and PACKED with inspiration. Although it’s one of our bigger events, it’s intimate in the fact that we are honoring our local design leaders.

This year, we are honoring Randy Stauffer.  Randy is a designer, an educator and a consultant specializing in interiors. I’m from a family of educators, so I’m especially honored to be part of a program that is highlighting one of our local professors.  Randy has taught at Woodbury University for over twenty years. As soon as we announced Randy as our honoree, we received many emails from Board members, IIDA members and designers who had Randy as a professor and who were thrilled at our selection. It is inspiring to see a community that truly values the commitment our educators bring to Southern California. In addition to Randy’s work as a professor and a design consultant, he presents and researches on the importance of the interior space as a place of political agency and change and its impact on the social relevance to architectural design.

Randy is a true example of a design leader and a business innovator and we are proud to be honoring him at our 2012 Leaders Breakfast.

Catherine Minervini, Assoc. IIDA
Green Owl Studio

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