S.P.F. – 15 Portfolio Storytelling (Designers)

IIDA SoCal recognizes that the many changes in the industry over the past few months have put many of our friends and colleagues into ‘job search’ mode.

To help navigate this changing time, we will be hosting a series of short sessions on various topics to help inform and support everyone in their journey. We’re calling the series: S.P.F. 15 – Strengthen. Promote. Flourish

Please Join us for our fourth session with ‘Portfolio Storytelling’ with focus on designers like Meena Krenek on topics such as “Be really Clear,” “How to find a way to connect with the person across the screen,” and much more. On Jan. 27, 2021 the link will be available on our Youtube Channel @IIDA SoCal.

This event is free for all!

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