SD City Center – Desk Talk with Michelle Tello

Gensler, San Diego
1. What is your favorite iconic chair?
Ohh that’s a tough one . . . I have to go with a two way tie between the Saarinen Womb Chair and the Platner Lounge Chair. They are both comfortable, classic and a conversation pieces.

2. What is your favorite California destination?
Hmm . . . aside from Sunny San Diego . . . . I’d have to say San Francisco. There is always something exciting happening. I love going to the Ferry building Farmers Market, taking a ferry across to Sausalito and walking through the cute little shops. I also love that the city is always so alive and there are so many interesting neighborhoods to explore.

3. What is your favorite color?
Coral. To me it’s the perfect blend of all of the colors of a sunset.

4. What is your go to outfit?
All black everything.

5. Where would we find you on the weekend?
Not going to lie, probably doing some shopping. Even if it’s window shopping it’s my favorite thing to do.

6. Gold or silver?
Silver. But can I say Champagne instead though?

7. Beer or wine?
All of the above.

8. Beach or mountain?

Tell me a little about yourself (education, goals, time at Gensler, interest, etc.)

I studied at Design Institute of SD, graduated in 2013 and have been at Gensler ever since. I’m very grateful to work with such talented positive individuals, it motivates me to constantly give my best. The culture of Gensler is probably my favorite part of working here, it’s a creative and collaborative environment, and I love that every day is a different experience.

I think a career goal I have is to find my design “niche” or specialty. I’d like to dip my toes in the different project types; hospitality, technology companies, law firms etc. and find what my “thing” is. The idea of getting a glimpse into all of the various realms of design is exciting.

An ambitious personal goal is to explore/ visit a different country every year. I love getting a taste of different cultures and seeing how everyone(every country) has created and designed their own architecture, wardrobe, cuisine, and language is so extraordinary to me and truly invaluable.

OK now tell me 5 things you can’t live without! Lol
1. Tea
2. Shoes
3. Traveling
4. Family(do they count as a thing?)
5. And sadly . . . my iPhone

Tanya Villalpando

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