SoCal: Bentley Shares Your Pride for Local Community

After a decade-plus of substantial growth for the commercial office, retail and industrial sectors across Southern California, the markets have slowed. Many aspects of our industry have returned to pre-pandemic, or close to them, norms (hospitality sector is one example), while others (such as hybrid working and shifted retail needs) seem to have reached a new normal. Forecasts, however, are optimistic. Opportunities for growth are on the horizon. And SoCal is nothing if not resilient and resourceful.

We should know. Bentley Mills isn’t just another flooring manufacturer; we’re the only one in Southern California. We commiserate with your local business challenges because we experience them too. We also celebrate your local successes because they’re also wins for the communities where we live, work and play. Here at Bentley, we’re your commercial carpet partner and your neighbor.

Keeping Business Local Makes Sense (and Cents)

When you specify Bentley carpet, you’re not only promised products that are beautiful and high-quality (check out our newest products here), but you’re also supporting a local business—and that has ripple effects that benefit everyone. Tax dollars are put back into the local economy. Shipping from City of Industry saves you and your clients money, time, and environmental impact. Jobs are created, and kept, in Southern California. And communities are cared for. Social sustainability is at the heart of our mission, which is why we align charitable organizations such as the LA Food Bank and Homeboys Industries.

Supporting Our People

Businesses—yours and ours—are built on people. The majority of employees in our mill have worked for Bentley for 20 years, or more. It’s a testament to our culture and our commitment to support our people. And that includes you, IIDA SoCal.

Bentley is not the biggest carpet mill, but we believe we are the best. We’re nimble and focused on service. Our standards for quality, performance and sustainability are high. Bentley strongly believes that “where it’s made matters.” After all, just by way of operating and manufacturing in California, our products are inherently more environmentally responsible than others in the industry. But also, the physical mill where Bentley products are made matters too. See for yourself. If you haven’t been to City of Industry recently, please reach out to your Bentley account executive to schedule a tour.

We know you are proud to be part of Southern California commercial design market. So are we.

Bentley is a 2023 Chapter Donor Sponsor of the IIDA Southern California Chapter.

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