Student Campus Center Celebration at Knoll

Wednesday evening May 22, 2013 different campuses were invited to come visit Knoll Inc. at the Santa Monica Office. We were introduced to all of the representatives at Knoll and they were so welcoming and friendly. For the first hour or so we got a lecture on the history of Knoll. It was quite interesting and exciting to hear about Francis and Florence Knoll and how both designers collaborated their ideas and designs to make what Knoll is today. From that point on, we were split into four groups and a representative took us around their area and shared their knowledge with us about Knoll design. Steve was our first tour guide explained all the office systems in depth for us. We were then sent to the fabrics and textiles room which we were shown all the categorized fabrics from color selection to types of durability and sustainability. It was fantastic to hear about how most of these products are fabricated and manufactured, which is something most of us should think about before specing a product or fabric. Afterwards, we got the chance to take samples home in fancy Knoll bags.

Our last stop was the furniture section and it was definitely a wonderful feeling to sit on all the different chairs Knoll has to offer. I am a student from Cal State Long Beach and on behalf of myself and friends that attended this event, we want to thank Knoll for being so patient with us and informative about their products. With their help and dedication to design, students who are learning to be professionals will be inspired by them.

Taleen Badawi, Student IIDA
California State University Long Beach

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