Trend Report: 3D Printing

If you read design periodicals or blogs, you know that 3D printing is one of the most talked-about trends of the last couple years. The proliferation of desktop 3D printers means the technology is readily available to designers, students, and any consumer who can afford to fork over $1500 for a Makerbot.

Architecture firms around the globe are racing to become the first to build a 3D-printed building, while product and fashion designers create 3D-printed shoes, chairs, and bicycles. The medical world is even printing prosthetics!

But with the excitement of the possibilities also comes consternation. Does 3D printing negate the importance of human skill and hand craft? Does it cause excess waste?

As designers, what’s your position?

3D Printing Pen by Lix


‘Echoviren’ Pavilion by Smith|Allen

Dress for Dita von Teese by Francis Bitonti

Invisible Shoe by Andreia Chaves

Solid C2 by Patrick Jouin

Exoskeleton to Help Handicapped Users Walk Again by 3D Studios

Titanium Bike by Renishaw for Empire Cycles

Sugar Confections by The Sugar Lab

Alison Maguire
Interior Architects


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