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Voit Real Estate Services, a Ware Malcomb client for nearly 40 years, is a full-service real estate company with expertise as an owner, operator, broker, property manager, contractor and developer. Following their 40th milestone anniversary celebration, the long-standing company sought to rebrand their corporate identity and redefine their culture to attract and retain the next generation of real estate professionals and clients. This reimaging encompassed their internal and external image, as well as a remodel to their 12,000 square foot regional office suite in a Class A office tower with ground floor lobby visibility.

Goals for the project included:

  • Creating a workplace environment that encourages communication.
  • Maintaining a healthy, environmentally responsible space.
  • Developing a completely redefined, visually stimulating design statement to communicate the company’s evolving culture.

Voit, which had historically favored a more traditional approach to workplace design, was ready to take a complete departure from their previous style. Neutral interior finishes and private offices lining perimeter windows were replaced with a more modern workspace. This shift included exposure to outdoor views, natural light, environmentally friendly finishes, and informal meeting areas promoting social interaction in a hip, colorful, loft-like space. Through executing these strategies into their new office, Voit successfully communicated the image of a future-focused, evolving company, with features that include:

  • Optimum furniture system layout maximizing the entire office space.
  • White painted ceilings and bright colors throughout the space, making for a visually stimulating modern workspace reflective of Voit’s corporate branding and color palette.
  • Lower workstation panels and storage cabinets with marker board surfaces throughout the open office workspace fostering collaboration.
  • Wood-framed sliding glass barn doors fronting private offices, to increase communication and exposure to natural light.
  • An open, centrally located coffee bar/break area promoting engagement and informal interaction among employees.
  • Non-conventional and environmentally sensitive materials, including recycled glass terrazzo counter tops, woven vinyl floor covering, reclaimed wood, back-painted glass, sealed concrete, and bamboo veneer.

From inception to completion, an inclusive team approach was employed for this fast-paced project, and all members operated as a cohesive, focused unit. The outcome was not only a successful project and a very happy client, but also serves as an example of the power of teamwork to produce outstanding results.

Ted Heisler, CID, IIDA
Questions? Sahar Mandi | 949.660.9128 | [email protected]
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