Where I'm From, The City of Angels

It’s the city I live in…the city of Angels.

As a child, my family took lots of road trips. On each vacation, someone inevitably asks, “Where are you from?” My dad would always answer, “Los Angeles.” As a grade-school girl observing, I remember thinking, we don’t live in LA. I grew up in the suburbs of LA. (Our city limit bordered the county of LA, but was not officially Los Angeles.) LA was the city. Gangs, traffic, pollution. That was all I knew of it. Six years ago, I moved to Westwood and now I actually say I’m from LA and mean it.

Although I grew up in “LA”, it wasn’t until I moved to LA that I began to really see all the character, neighborhoods and places that make up our great city. In my new role at Steelcase, I am always out and about. My travels have inspired me to start taking snapshots on my phone of the views and sights that are the city I live in….the city of Angels. Here are a few of those shots.

If you like quizzes…try to guess what design firm these views come from. (Answers are at the end.)

Christi Snyder, Steelcase

Quiz Answers from top to bottom: 1-AECOM view of the library; 2-Corner view of 525 S Flower near Gensler and SAA; 3-HKS and Westwood; 4 & 5 Johnson Fain; 6-View of downtown from a top Baldwin Hills behind HOK; 7-Dusk at IA Open House; 8-view of downtown LA and the Culver city Hotel from the parking structure near Wolcott; 9-Griffith Observatory and the Hollywood sign from ZGF; 10- The 10 Freeway Winding LA Traffic from ZGF
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