Who Is IIDA? Jade Li

Jade Li Headshot

Jade Li is a designer in AECOM’s Building and Places studio, specializing in corporate commercial interiors. She blends her expertise in space programming, design, and construction documentation to FF+E.


Jade was born in Harbin, China, a city in the north of the country, influenced by Russia and filled with stunning examples of Eastern Orthodox Architecture. “I loved the colorful onion domes of the buildings near my home,” Jade said, “but also appreciated the juxtaposition of Western style architecture that was sandwiched between. I think my love of architecture was born back then!”


Jade moved to Missouri with her family when she was 11 years old and attended the University of Missouri, graduating with Bachelor of Science in Human Environmental Science and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. It was in college that she solidified her interest in working towards something that could change the world, starting out with journalism but later falling in love with design and the collaborative aspects of the design process.

After graduating, Jade moved to Beijing, China to explore an international career in design. At a local design conference she had a chance encounter with a Los Angeles design Principal and shortly thereafter found herself moving to LA for a position with HOK. “I believe a bit in ‘Fate’ and opening oneself to opportunities and then seeing what options come along.” Jade told us, “That philosophy led me to Beijing and then later in 2014, to Los Angeles.”


Today at AECOM, her client ranges from start up tech firms to fortune 500 companies as well as national sport teams. She is also passionate about workplace wellness and brings human-centric design to projects.


Jade became involved with IIDA to support Advocacy efforts in 2017. “I’m passionate about bringing awareness and education to young industry professionals” Jade said.

In her spare time, Jade who lives in a historic building in downtown LA, takes tango lessons and is somewhat obsessed with Pembroke Tri Color Welsh Corgis.  A nerd at heart, her favorite entertainment includes Star Wars, Dr. Who and Lord of the Rings.  [photo of jade + corgi??]

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