Why Do Interior Designers Matter? Watch This….

Leave it to students to come up with an entertaining way to explain Interior Design.  Have you seen this video?  If you haven’t take a few minutes to watch it (it’s only about 3 minutes long).  Last week, it was posted on the Facebook page of IIDA headquarters and it easily started making it’s way across many other pages. The views keep ticking up.  There are already almost 9,000 people that have viewed it.

We don’t see this happen often in our industry – interior design videos going viral.  Created by students from Radford University for a competition for the IDEC, Interior Design Educators Council, and was awarded first place at the IDEC Conference.  Congrats to those students who have such vision and can articulate what Interior Designers do so creatively.  This video really focuses on explaining what Interior Designers really do.  And, there is a campaign to keep this going.  So, share this page, share the link, like the link and help the public understand what you do.

Need to explain to a relative what you really do?  Show them the video.

Why Interior Designers Matter: Radford University

Catherine Minervini, Assoc. IIDA
Green Owl Studio

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