With Passion & Curiosity, Students Redesign Their Academic Corridor

“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein

As Cal State Long Beach students, and the future generation of interior designers, we believe that by being curious, we learn. By being passionately curious, we continue to learn, and become even more curious. It is this curiosity and passion that motivated us to do the research, programming, ideation, and design concepts for “The Corridor” project…..an informal learning space for us! This Einstein quote was the inspiration for one the design teams. All eight teams made very professional PowerPoint presentations, to our campus stakeholders- CSULB President F. King Alexander, Vice President Mary Stephens, College of the Arts Dean Christopher Miles, and David Salazar, Associate Vice President of Physical Planning and Facilities Management.


This unique experience provides us with a real-life opportunity to handle a project from beginning to end. Each of the design concepts were exceptional in their own way…..thinking about the students’ experience in an informal learning environment. Mr. Salazar now has the difficult task of selecting the strongest design concept to move forward with. The winning “project team” will collaborate to expedite their project through construction and final installation. They will learn how to address the challenges and rewards of managing a design project through completion, with a focus on scope, schedule and budget.


We are fortunate that Professor Dorothy Ottolia provides our Junior Interior Design Studio with our first-ever real-work experiences. This project experience and working with various industry partners have been invaluable to us as students. We are excited about building bridges with IIDA and the design community as we explore our career paths.

Pamela Neiman states that “IIDA is just as excited about the next generation of interior designers, we are committed to helping to build bridges as we look forward to their talent, curiosity and passion.”

Let’s keep an eye out for the winning team and the completion of their project.…..

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