Women CAN Golf Series

Golf is a huge networking opportunity in the AEC industry but, unfortunately, most women have not had the chance to golf as often as their male counterparts. Unsurprisingly, many women in the industry don’t participate in golf-related networking events due to lack of exposure to the game and low confidence in their golf skills.

Olivia Crever (Howard Building Corporation), Caitlin Mulligan (SCI Lighting), Colleen Perry (Mohawk Group), and Rochelle Vaughn (ALW Lighting) decided to do something about it, which resulted in the first annual Women CAN Golf event series for the Southern California AEC industry. It was a huge success, and many industry partners reached out to either participate or support the cause.

For four months, the group organized bi-weekly golf clinics for women in the industry. Each clinic covered fundamentals, such as proper body posture, equipment, etiquette, and everything in between. Regardless of what skill level the participants arrived with, they each improved their stroke and knowledge of the game, coming out of it a stronger, more confident golfer.

The series culminated in an all-women’s grand finale golf tournament at Terranea Resort, an oceanfront golf course in Rancho Palos Verdes. The tournament was a chance for the participants to show off their newly honed golf skills while adding the challenge of friendly competition. The result? Over 40 women in our industry are now equipped with the skills and confidence needed to start attending golf networking events.

The 2022 Women CAN Golf series was made possible by Howard Building Corporation, Interior Systems, ALUZ Lighting, WE-EF Lighting, Spectrum Lighting, BuzziSpace, Pinnacle, Wolcott, MetWest, Nulite, AV, Sheridan Group, CSL Lighting, SCI Lighting, Mohawk Group, HLW, Architectural Lighting Works, and Isolite Corporation. A special thank you also goes out to Shani Barel for photography.

If you’re interested in participating in or sponsoring the 2023 Women CAN Golf event, please reach out to Olivia Crever at HBC at [email protected].

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