Get to Know Yvonne Cheng, IIDA, LEED AP

Yvonne Cheng, Member since 2008

IIDA Southern California is very lucky to have professional members like Yvonne Cheng of DLR Group WWCOT.  Recently, we interviewed Yvonne and asked her why she joined IIDA.  Her response, “To support the professionalism of being certified as an interior designer, and to meet more people in the industry.”  If you know Yvonne, you know that she is extremely professional and truly enjoys being a designer.  Yvonne also told Bright IIDeAs some interesting facts about herself.  For instance, did you know Yvonne went to school in Canada?  She attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.  Yvonne is such a pleasure to know and has a great sense of humor.  Since she had many other interesting things to share about herself we thought we’d share those with you:

Get to know Yvonne! Yvonne shares 10 things about herself:

1. I’m Chinese Canadian.

2. I have crazy long arms for my height of 5′ – 0″.

3. World Traveler.

4. My vacation photos only consists of food. In fact I plan my trips based on where I’d want to go eat.

5. I have a growing collection of Mr. Potato Heads.

6. My cat rules me.

7. I have a pretty good sense of humour (<<<Note Canadian spelling).

8. I somehow always end up putting yellow or gray in all my projects. So, of course, those were my wedding colours (<<< again, Canadian spelling).

9. I appreciate simple designs with a element of surprise in everything- architecture, gadgets, products, clothing, etc.

10. I may be small but I can be feisty.

Thanks for sharing Yvonne!  We’d love to see that collection of Mr. Potato Heads!  You do have a great sense of humor!

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