Zerolandfill San Diego Project


We wanted to send out a HUGE thank you once again to everyone that sponsored, participated, donated, and volunteered, to help make our very first Zerolandfill San Diego Project, Collection and Harvest Days such an AMAZING success! As a reminder, here is what we were able to accomplish this past April.

In ONE DAY, we collected the following materials from the San Diego Architect and Design community:  Carpet, fabric, wallcovering, paper, binders, rubber, metal, vinyl, wood, stone (so much stone), ceramic, glass, laminate, cardboard, and books.

Part of the Zerolandfill process is weighing all of the materials that you collect, so that you can identify just how much is being diverted from the landfill.  Below are the totals from what was collected…did I mention that all of this was collected in ONE DAY!!!

Carpet – 2,644 lbs

Fabric – 833 lbs

Wall Covering – 293 lbs

Paper – 678 lbs

Binders – 742 ea

Rubber – 125 lbs

Vinyl – 337 lbs

Wood – 347 lbs

Stone – 7509 lbs

Glass – 215 lbs

Laminate – 968 lbs

Other – 115 lbs

Cardboard binder / books – 450 lbs

For a Grand Total of 15,256 lbs!!!!

The following day was deemed “Harvest Day”.  Through contacts that everyone had provided, we reached out to San Diego Unified School District, local design colleges, art and theatre communities, students, and teachers, and they all came!!!  Starting at 8:30 Saturday morning they came in droves.  They were all so incredibly grateful for the ability to “shop” through the samples and supplies.  By 3:00 pm everything was gone!!!  With the exception of a few carpet tiles and broadloom samples, that DFS Flooring recycled.

EVERYTHING had found a new home, a renewed purpose – 15,256 lbs of material was diverted from our landfills here in San Diego. We asked everyone to send us photos of how they re-used the materials that they collected. Find us on FACEBOOK to see photos from our collection day, as well as the amazing spectacle of “Harvest Day”! San Diego was the very first city on the West Coast to have adopted this program.  To have been this successful on our very first attempt, speaks to the generosity of this community.

We need your help to be able to continue to offer this amazing re-purposing program! If you would like to participate by way of samples donation, volunteer, or sponsorship, please contact Paula Clark-Waller, Gunlocke , or you may contact Heather Freitas and Sarah Allen  of DFS Flooring.

Our next Zerolandfill Collection and Harvest Days are coming up! Friday, November 2nd, and Saturday, November 3rd.  Please join us by volunteering to collect discontinued samples, and by reaching out to those in your community that would benefit by receiving these samples, at no cost!

Paula Clark-Waller, Business Development Manager
The Gunlocke Company
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