Virtual Panel on October 8 – Designing for a Brave New World

As an industry we tend to focus on elements of our work that can be seen, when so much of what we design and the impact that it has, is actually invisible. The psychological component of our spaces may play a greater role now than ever before as we grapple with a global crisis that is also unseeable. How might the way we are dealing with our current circumstances inform and improve the future? Join us via zoom on October 8 to hear what our panel of thought leaders from workplace, retail, healthcare and WELL building design have to say about how we must design for a brave new world. Moderated by Melissa Steach from Herman Miller and featuring: Casscia Murray, Project Designer at PACIFIC 33 Architects; Riz Walker, LA Studio Leader at Blitz; Sarah Crutchfield, Store Design Manager for Starbucks; and Jessica Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at IWBI.

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